Who are we ?

On returning from long stays more or less in some southern hemisphere regions: Africa, Asia, South America ... these continents continue to challenge us, combining both the desire for "change" than "impotence".
Marked by all these people, their customs, their cultures and livelihoods, members of "Projects Possible, Only Together" decided not to remain indifferent, but to come together around a common project turned to the more " nots ".
With the intention to roll up their sleeves as well, the Association "Projects Possible, Only Together" was born.
Founded on a desire to strengthen solidarity between the North and the South, we want to be, on our scale, agents of change and development worldwide and Belgium.
Anxious to be anchored in time, the association "Projects Possible, Only Together" aims to support sustainable development projects, education, literacy and hygiene ... in which the beneficiaries will also be active part.
Our association is apolitical, independent and not linked to any great institution of any persuasion.
This has the merit of giving free of its decisions and its budget.



Christophe de Ruyver: commercial engineer, Christophe worked for several years as a financial consultant.

In 2010 - 2011, he made a trip around the world for 1 year with his future wife.

The idea was rather unusual to discover unusual places, to go and meet remote populations and share the daily life of a number of humanitarian aid workers working in.

On returning from this trip, Christophe followed the "CTB" Training at the Ministry of the Belgian Cooperation to deepen his knowledge in the development and North-South relations.
Aware of the importance of development, Christophe wanted to establish the association "Projects Possible, Only Together" and put his experience to the benefit of this long struggle that is the one committed for decades against poverty.



Laurent Busschère: Learning Management Engineer, Laurent began his professional career as a consultant for the AWEX (Walloon Export Association).


He has made several such representation missions in Asia.


He is currently working in the consulting industry as a technical buyer.

His desire to provide assistance to populations in need through simple gestures and / or long-term commitments, all mixed with a need to undertake, gave him the energy and the desire to participate in the creation of the association "Projects Possible, Only Together".



Frederick Ruyver: A lawyer by training, Frédéric is married with three children.


Particular party from 2003 to 2005 in Guinea as cooperating for International Solidarity, he worked as a manager of a health center.


On his return, he continues his action and joined the NGO "Challenge Belgium Africa" which notably aims to educate young people aged 15-18 to North-South relations.


Today he is involved in the project to launch the Association "Projects Possible, Only Together".



Emmanuel de Ruyver: civil engineer by training, Emmanuel returned to the seminary in 2002.


In September 2009, he was ordained a diocesan priest. Emmanuel is now a priest at St. John Baptiste Parish Wavre. It also deals with young Catholic School Wavre and youth movements.


He went many times to Albania for training framework for local Scouting.


In 2007, through more than a dozen countries, linking Brussels to Jerusalem with VW coccinelle.Lors eve of this trip, he spent several weeks in Cairo and invests in the poor neighborhoods of street children services.



Cécile Beer: Learning Management Engineer.


Cecile is currently working in the area of financial consultancy.


She wants to support the team of the association since its passage in remote regions (accompanied by Christophe) made him aware of the urgent need for these people to become more independent and improve their standard of living sometimes catastrophic.



Denis Ruyver: Graphic Designer formation, Denis then follow a training cameraman - editor.


He currently works as a cameraman at TV.com, audio visual center of Louvain-La-Neuve and for other private companies.


In the course of his work, Denis was brought to travel, including Nepal, Vietnam and Afghanistan, to make small stories.


The goal has always been to show development aid projects and raise awareness of the harsh reality of the terrain.



Geraldine Van Caillie: Géraldine continues for now studies at the Free Speech Therapy Institute Marie Haps.

Washed since childhood in the social environment on both its environment and its school activities (scouting, animation, etc.), it remains particularly sensitive to the poor and isolated people (she is currently studying sign language).

In this line, it wishes to participate in specific projects of development within the association.



Mathieu Baugniet: A trained journalist, Mathieu worked 4 years in radio: Antipode, Nostalgia & Twizz radio.


Today he turned to television. Mathieu is currently working via TV.com with RTBF for the development of a program "The Niouzz", a newspaper for young people.


Being in the association has always been something fundamental for Mathieu:

"Life often forces the man to do many voluntary actions."


Thomas Debrouwer : He studied management with Christophe, Cécile and Laurent before launching in international relations.


He has since worked in development NGOs and in the United Nations, mainly in Latin America where it is based for 5 years.


He participated in many volunteer projects in matters of education and socio-economic development, so he wanted to put his knowledge to the association service PPOT to continue to improve the quality and impact of its programs .