Our vision and mission

On returning from long or short stays in some southern hemisphere regions: Africa, Asia, South America ... these continents continue to challenge us, combining both the desire for "change" than "impotence". Marked by all these people, their customs, their cultures and livelihoods, PPOT members have decided not to remain indifferent and get together around a common project turned to the most "poor".
With the intention to roll up their sleeves as well, the Association Projects Possible, Only Together "is born.

Created on a desire to strengthen solidarity between the North and the South, we want to be, on our scale, agents of change development worldwide and in Belgium.


Determined to anchor in duration, the association "Projects Possible, Only Together" aims to support sustainable development projects, education, literacy and hygiene ... in which the beneficiaries will also be active part.
Our association is apolitical, independent and not linked to any great institution of any persuasion. This has the merit of giving free of its decisions and its budget.