Call for donations

Nepal is in ruined! Support the "Ganesh Secondary School" and its students.


The human toll continues to rise by the hour since the earthquake that hit the country this Saturday, April 25, 2015.

The PPOT association has been working for three years in a school in Bhaktapur, 20 km from Kathmandu, where we organize a school homework, realize improvements within the school, such as a recent game plain and finance education children.



We have returned today Monday in contact with our local team composed of 4 coordinators and teachers. They are safe but live on the streets and heavy rains are expected in the coming days. The means of communication and transportation are bad and we always try to have contact with the school and student families.


We hope to establish a list of needs very quickly and start sending means to our staff.


Anticipating these needs, PPOT is now appeal to your generosity by launching a collection of donations to the bank account of the association: BE32 9730 3843 7902


Thank you indicate in communication "Nepal" + your name + email so we can keep you from using your donations.


Imagine that the needs are enormous but we want to give priority to the urgent needs of our staff and families of students in the school, and then allow a rapid return in the classrooms.


We promise to send these funds directly in Nepal, no commission, through our usual channels of financing.


Thank you for your support.


Our thoughts are with the victims.


The PPOT team.