Last update : Friday 06 January 2017

ING Solidarity Award - We need your support !

Vote for the ING PPOT Solidarity Award 2015!

Our association, in particular the project we are funding for 3 years in the Ganesh Bakthapur School in Nepal, was registered to participate in ING Slidarity Award and we tried to win € 10,000 which will be donated to school we support. This money will be used to further develop the activities that we conduct on-site with our local partners, and finance, among others:

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Last update : Friday 06 January 2017

Call for donations

Nepal is in ruined! Support the "Ganesh Secondary School" and its students.


The human toll continues to rise by the hour since the earthquake that hit the country this Saturday, April 25, 2015.

The PPOT association has been working for three years in a school in Bhaktapur, 20 km from Kathmandu, where we organize a school homework, realize improvements within the school, such as a recent game plain and finance education children. ...Read more

Last update : Friday 06 January 2017

2015 academic support acknowledgement

All the PPOT team would like to thank the parents have trusted our association.

Moreover, without the help of volunteers, this day would not have been a success.

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Last update : Friday 06 January 2017

2014 greetings

At the end of 2013, all POT team would present their wishes for 2014.


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Last update : Friday 06 January 2017

Playground at the Ganesh School

During our visit in 2014, we decided to fund the construction of a playground at the back of the Ganesh School.

Everything is currently implemented to carry out this project.

Thank you to the local team for its work.Read more

2014 - Visite Ganesh School

2016 - bag distribution

2016 - CLASS Project (Ganesh School)

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